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Adult Speech Therapy Services

In general, adult speech therapy services are misunderstood and underutilized. Areas we commonly address at Advanced Therapy Care include both speaking and listening, alternative communication, tongue thrust, swallowing disorders, voice disorders, accent modification, and neurogenic disorders. Adult services are typically broken into youth (15-21), adult (21-65), and geriatric (65+).

With the youth, we are often eliminating tongue thrust and voice disorders. In addition, facilitating improved speaking and listening with a focus on appropriate social interaction is also common with this age group.

Adults are often seeking to improve or refine skills that may be impacting their work setting or job performance. These difficulties often include voice disorders or frequent vocal fatigue, accent modification, professional speaking, and fluency.

The geriatric population most often experiences neurogenic disorders and degenerative diseases such as stroke, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, etc. Many of these conditions require speech language pathology intervention to restore or improve lost function with swallowing, oral, and facial muscle movement, speech intelligibility, word finding, comprehension, and memory.

Whether we are addressing issues with youth that increase current skills, adults that modify or enhance current skills, or seniors to restore lost skills, each group reports an invaluable increase in the quality of life and perceived potential. Life is good!