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Tongue Thrust

What is a tongue thrust?

Tongue thrust is commonly recognized as the forward pushing of the tongue during eating and speaking. It often results in a dental overbite and can impact articulation of sounds (commonly known as a lisp).

How do you get a tongue thrust?

Often there does not appear to be a “reason” for the tongue thrust pattern. Some suspected causes include oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking, family history, and reduced airway due to enlarged tonsils or chronic nasal stuffiness.

Why speech therapy?

By addressing the weak base of tongue, depressed resting position, and reverse swallow, the tongue thrust is completely eliminated in as little as 5 - 7 treatments.

Common signs/symptoms of a tongue thrust pattern:

  • Mouth breather
  • Overbite
  • TMJ pain
  • Messy eater
  • Noisy eater
  • Sinus problems/allergies
  • Large tonsils or adenoids
  • History of oral habits
  • Thumb sucking
  • Finger sucking
  • Extended pacifier/bottle use
  • “Lisp” or articulation errors

Please contact us for more detailed information regarding our specialized programs, and how they will eliminate tongue thrust for you or your loved one.